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Thank you everyone for all your efforts!
A last note from Tom before the Election:

Getting Money Out of The Elections, Passing Legislation and Not Being Controlled by Special Interests
The most important thing for an elected representative is to have clean hands. Someone always wants to compromise you. If you let that happen, then you are owned, and for all practical purposes you are worthless. Iíve taken on big corporations and have won. I was once personally sued by the company I was employed by for $10 million dollars for allegedly violating a court injunction over a strike, I won the case in court. Iím on record in this campaign that corporations have too much influence over Congress. I am advocating that Congress needs to act in its own self interest (which it is good at doing) to instruct the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to require the media (which today is 80% owned by six people) to provide sufficient free air time (the airways are free) for all federal candidates in general elections to air their views (perhaps during the last 60 days of a general election). You wonít need that much money to run for Congress. You wonít be beholding to the people who didnít give you the money you donít need to buy your election. This will reduce corporate control of Congress, and allow for progressive legislation to pass without being successfully blocked by corporations. Moreover, representatives will better serve the people in their districts.

Representing Middle Class America
Purchasing power has not kept up with productivity over the last three decades, and we maintained a false economy on false purchasing power with the real estate bubble, where people were borrowing money against the inflated equity of their houses, until the real estate bubble collapsed. We now face the stark reality that we donít have enough purchasing power to buy the goods and services we can produce. This works to the great advantage of the corporations and to the great detriment of the working people (the middle class) of our society. Labor Unions remain vastly reduced without a strike weapon, as managements successfully threaten to hire permanent replacement workers (which was sustained by the Supreme Court in TWA v. Flight Attendants, with Sandra Day OíConnor writing the majority opinion). The AFL/CIO attempted to have Congress pass a law to outlaw the hiring of permanent replacement workers, and Congress (under the influence of corporations) voted not to pass the legislation. That was the beginning of the end of the rise in purchasing power for the middle class, reducing collective bargaining to collective begging, and increased corporate control. We need to go back to the Supreme Court with a proper case based on the contract clause that protects seniority (which was not argued before the Supreme Court), and failing a successful outcome, get Congress to Act responsibly. We also need to pass the Employee Free Choice Act to restore organizing conditions as they were originally under the National Labor Relations Act, and not as they are now, having been gutted under the Taft Hartley Act. These actions will also help obtain increased purchasing power for the middle class. Iíve spent a lifetime disturbing the pecking order and getting away with it. Yes, I will work for and fully support main street.
But We Have to do More to Rebuild the Economy
Our economy is in a slump. We need to create jobs. We need investment in infrastructure. High Speed Rail (for example) can result in extensive job creation and a great return on investment. The best way to reduce the deficit now is to put people to work so they can pay taxes, which will increase tax revenue to governments at all levels without raising taxes, and will reduce government expenditures for people who are not working, because they will be working. Moreover, amending the Adamson Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act to shorten the work day (perhaps as a six-hour-day thirty-hour-workweek, without a cut in basic daily pay) will restore jobs, foster stability with sustained growth, and put purchasing power in the hands of working people, They will spend it and drive the economy. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Keeping Social Security Viable and Secure for Future Generations
Social Security is not the problem. The problem is fear being sold by my opponent and others of the same mind who want to act at the behest of the corporations to privatize Social Security (while selling government as the enemy of the people). We have to recognize that we have baby boomers going on pension and that we will have a greater ratio of people on pension for a while. At the appropriate time (which seems to be now in light of Congressional action to not allow COLA increases to Social Security, which adversely effects retirees), we need to extend the amount of earnings that are taxable for Social Security and Medicare, or if additionally necessary, raise payroll taxes in order to balance the system.

Access to Doctors for Seniors
The most important thing is to insure that adequate funding is in the Medicare system (I.e. extending the amount of earnings on which Social Security and Medicare are taxed), so the more reactionary members of Congress (such as my opponent) will not be in a position to sell ďfear of the futureĒ in order to make cuts that will be adverse to doctors and patients under Medicare and create an atmosphere for government to destroy the system in order to benefit the corporations who donít want to pay anything at any time they donít have to.

Reducing the Deficit
The best way to reduce the deficit is to create taxpayers, which will increase tax revenue, and make spending cuts where practicable. Social Security and Medicare are not part of the deficit; they never were.

Thanks for all your help and support, 
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Tom Berry

Put America Back to Work
On December 3, 2009 I filed to run for U.S. Congress Fifth District.

The primary is March 2, 2010. 
The Election is November 2, 2010.

And now time is short. 
I need your help. 

I am eager to serve you. I need your help and our country needs your help. Our economy is in trouble and that means every citizen faces trouble. We are in the midst of a jobless recovery and the odds are that 20% of working age Americans face a frightening future of being unemployed or underemployed.

I want to change that. Iím running for Congress so that I can put people back to work. Itís my belief that people have the right to earn a living for themselves and their family. Iím committed to work for you to accomplish that goal.

We need to turn this unwholesome situation around.

For this campaign to be a success, it is essential for us to raise funds to get the message out.

With your financial help, we can run an aggressive campaign that will take us to victory in November.

Please donate $2400 (max per election), $1,500, $1,000, $500, $250, $100 or whatever is appropriate for you.

Donate Now!
Donate online or send check or money order to:
Citizens for Tom Berry
P.O. Box 180037
Dallas TX 75218-0037

Your support in early 2010 will help us meet and exceed the challenges of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). You can send an early signal that this campaign has strong backing. This will empower us to build a winning 2010 campaign.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support. I look forward to working with you to Keep Texas in the Union and Put America Back to Work.

Tom Berry
Your Fifth District Congressional Candidate, and Advocate 

"We've Got the Best Congress Money Can Buy"
said Tom Berry (Jan18,2010), in response to the press release from Common Cause and Public Campain(Jan15).[see below]  Tom supports The Fair Elections Now Act (S. 752, H.R. 1826) to end Congress' reliance on big money. And when elected, Tom has advised he will work with others to indroduce and pass legislation to instruct the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to require the media (which is 80 percent owned by six people) to provide sufficient free air time for all federal candidates to air their views, This will be a mandated public service, recognizing that the airways are free. The intent is to reduce or eliminate the need to raise money for a federal election, This will have our representatives both more answerable and better able to serve the people who elected them.

Rep. Hensarling sides with Wall Street after receiving more than $1 million in campaign cash from the industry.
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Donate Now!
Article: Berry to make bid for 5th District Seat
Democrat Tom Berry of Dallas knows how hard it is to unseat a U.S. House Incumbent, but the retired railroad man is making a bid to take the 5th District Seat from Jeb Hensarling. (full article)

On September 28th you wrote: ďTom Berry, 69, has been in Texas barely two years and offers little more than slogans, vague concepts and contradictory policies. For example, the retired railroad employee believes a shorter workweek is the way to find economic growthĒ. (continued)

News Release March 13 Response to Congressman Hensarlingís Remarks Upon Being Appointed to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility
Yesterday Congressman Jeb Hensarling announced his appointment by the Republican Leader John Boehner to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility set up by President Obama by Executive Order on February18th. (continued)

News Release March 13 Response to Congressman Hensarlingís Remarks Upon Being Appointed to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility
Yesterday Congressman Jeb Hensarling announced his appointment by the Republican Leader John Boehner to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility set up by President Obama by Executive Order on February18th. (continued)

News Release March 10 High Speed Rail, Chicago to Dallas, Dallas to Houston, Dallas to San Antonio
There is no reason why we can't move on High Speed Rail into the Dallas Transportation Hub, Chicago to Dallas, Dallas to San Antonio, Dallas to Houston, connecting all to Love Field and DFW Airport. Frequent service, (even hourly), is viable if high speed trains handle selective high revenue express cargo, where one car load of express cargo will pay for the train and the crew, and the rest is gravy. The ticket can then be priced to fill the train.

We can introduce a combination High Speed Passenger and High Revenue Express Cargo Freight Service to outweigh any lack of density problems, and make Dallas the High Speed Rail Passenger and High Revenue Express Cargo Hub of the South Western United States.

News Release Feb 19 
Economic Health Care Commission

Let's face it, our healthcare system is run by large corporations. It's the most expensive in the world, but ranks 37th in quality. Close to 50 million Americans can't afford any care at all. It's a bad system on the whole for citizens, but corporations make enormous profits.
     Congress needs to establish an Economic Health Care Commission to protect the public interest from profit gouging by insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and the for-profit portion of our health care system. These entities need to be regulated to earn a maximum of a reasonable rate of return, which generally should not exceed the cost of capital. This has to be done to protect the public interest. Health Care should not be profit driven! Health Care represents genuine human needs and necessary public service. To continue to allow profit to be squeezed out of people's misery is only to completely hand over our country to the corporations.

News Release Feb 9 Healthcare For All - Get it Done
Today in America, too many Americans are left in the dust outside the walls of corporations. Millions of Americans have been sold out for jobs overseas for the unrestrained greed of corporations. A huge number of hard working U.S. Citizens have lost their jobs, their homes, and their healthcare. Today in America fear reigns in the hearts of our senior citizens, our poor, our unemployed, and our underemployed, because they cannot afford the high cost of decent healthcare. Today in America, we have the best Congress money can buy..(read full article)

Regarding Social Security benefits, Tom Berry said today (2/3/10): "My opponent, Jeb Hensarling, is on record to 're-engineer Social Security', which means he wants to privatize it for future generations. He is selling greed, betting on the come, rolling dice on the wall, scaring the voting public, setting a stage for a feeding frenzy in lockstep with Wall Street, and adding fuel to the next financial collapse. Social Security is not the problem. The problem is what my opponent, Jeb Hensarling, wants to do to tear down Social Security, instead of working to build it up." 
See video clip: 

A Six-Hour-Day, Thirty-Hour-Workweek, 
May Solve Our Economic Problems

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ďWe need stability, sustained growth and good high paying jobs. 
We donít need downsizing. profit taking, and being left in the dust" - Tom Berry

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