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On September 28th you wrote: “Tom Berry, 69, has been in Texas barely two years and offers little more than slogans, vague concepts and contradictory policies. For example, the retired railroad employee believes a shorter workweek is the way to find economic growth”.

On the question of stimulus I wrote: “We need to invest in infrastructure and put our people to work on projects that will enhance our capabilities, improve our living and working conditions, and stand the test of time.” I would have been happy to explain in depth (from 47 years experience) the benefits of high speed rail, but you didn’t want to hear it. When I started on the subject of jobs and how putting people to work would generate tax revenue, you cut me off saying “What else you got?”

On the question of Medicare going bankrupt I wrote: “Either extend the amount of earnings that are taxable for Social Security and Medicare, or raise payroll taxes at the appropriate time to balance the system.”

On the question of the federal deficit I wrote: “We need to amend the Adamson Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act to provide for a six-hour-day, thirty-hour-workweek (without a cut in basic daily pay). This will have more people working paying taxes and less people not working draining taxes. Our governments will gain increased tax revenue without raising taxes, and less bills to pay for people who are not working. because they will be working. This will put purchasing power back in the hands of working people, who will spend it and drive the economy.”

On the question of immigration I wrote: “The Federal government sets the immigration laws to uniformly apply them. The immigration service alone cannot effectively enforce them. It takes all law enforcement at every level to enforce the federal laws on immigration. There should be no sanctuary cities…”

These are not slogans, vague concepts or contradictory policies!

My opponent (who wants to privatize Social Security) who you endorsed, didn’t even answer the questionnaire!

Tom Berry
Democratic Nominee for U.S. Congress
Texas 5th District

“We need stability, sustained growth and good high paying jobs. 
We don’t need downsizing. profit taking,  and being left in the dust" - Tom Berry

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